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Hope you’re having a good day…

Let’s take a walk down this scenario. You make good music, yes. But how many people are listening? Say no more, it was a short walk after all.

We at 100percentgospel Media are here to take your music to your desired audience.

We will:

  • Host your content here for direct and easy download with just a click.
  • Your music will be made available to over 7,450,000+ individuals to bless lives and create more engagement for you.
  • Your music will also be optimize and index on search engines for easy access when searched on Google and other related internet search engines.
  • Further maximize your reach of audience with sponsored ads if you wish.
  • We guarantee 20,000 downloads and above within days of promotion, with evidence of numbers of downloads if you wish to see.
  • We also distribute on All Digital Stores

Why Choose Us?

a. We’ll take your career round the world while you go on with your personal life.

b. We make good music too. We know what you feel, what you want, and when you need it.

c. We’ve got standby tech experts who will check for you and make sure your content has no downtime.

Want To Make Contact?

a. Email:

b. Call/WhatsApp:  +2348068300690 or +2348063586633



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