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Funke Bada – Olurun Anu

Indigenous popular song minister, Funke Bada in a new video shares another new song titled “OLORUN AANU” produced by….IHP/FUNKE BADA and shot by G.O filmz.

Delivered in the Yoruba language [a language widely spoken in the Southwestern region of Nigeria], the song which translates as “God Of Mercy” in English, defines God as a merciful Father to all.

This song talks about the Arms of God being wide open to receive Sinners and backsliders anyday anytime(Isaiah 59:1-2). All you need do is acknowledge your sins, ask for forgiveness and forsake them all(chronicles 7:14)….

His blood was shed for the remission of our sins and this blood remains forever potent to wash our sins away

This song also talks about the mercy of God, no one can get to the top without the mercy of God. (Roman9:16) so then it is not of him that willeth, nor of him that runneth, but of God that showeth mercy.
No one can receive an Answer to his prayer without God’s mercy. No one can succeed in this world without God’s mercy, and no one can get to the kingdom of God without God’s mercy and so on…..

This song is going to be a blessing to you….

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Chorus: Saanu fun mi, Olorun aanu/2x

(Have mercy on me, God of mercy./2×)

Ranti eje re to ta sile, fun wenu mo ese mi

(Remember your blood that was shed for the remission of my sin)

Saanu fun mi, Olorun aanu

(Have mercy on me, God of mercy)

Solo1: Ro teje re lori igi Agbelebu, to ta sile ni Golgotha(Think about your blood on the cross shed at Golgotha).

Oni laisi idariji ese o, akole ri oju rere Olorun(it says without forgiveness of sin we cannot see the goodness of God)

Saanu o Oluwa mobebe o, jeki aanu wa mi ri(Have mercy oh Lord, i plead let mercy locate me)

Saanu mi, Olorun aanu/2× (Have mercy on me, God of mercy).

Solo 2: Bi awon eyan mi ta poruko mi mo(if my people who are called by my Name)

Ba re ara won sile ti won gba dura(humble themselves and pray)

Bi won ba si wa oju rere mi, ti won yi pada lono buburu won(if they seek my face and turn from their wicked ways). Nigbana hun o gbo lati orun wa, dari ese ji won, wo ile won san.(then I’ll hear from heaven, forgive their sins and heal their land) Saanu mi, Olorun aanu/2×(Have mercy on me, God of mercy).

Hymn: Isun kan wa to kun feje(there’s a fountain filled with blood) to ti ha Jesu yo(drawn from Immanuel’s veins) elese mo kun ninu re(And sinners plunged beneath that flood); o bo ninu ebi(lose all their guilty stain)

O bo ninu ebi(Lose all their guilty stains); O bo ninu ebi(lose all their guilty stains)

Elese mokun ninu re(And sinners plunged beneath that flood); o bo ninu ebi (lose all their guilty stains).

Bridge: Owo Oluwa, kokuru lati gbani(the hand of the lord is not short to deliver)

Eti re ko wuwo lati gbo( His ears are not heavy to hear).

Aisedede wa, lofa ipinya( but our iniquities have

caused the separation)

Ese wa, lo mu iji ya wa( our sins have brought suffering)

Wa sodo Jesu, ohun lo le gba o(Come to Jesus, Him alone can deliver) oto si elese, eje re to fun o(o wretched sinner, His blood is sufficient for you) yoo we o lawe mo, yio so o di mimo( He’ll wash you clean and make you Holy), ro nu piwada, ola le peju(repent because tomorrow might be too late)

Coda: Saanu mi Olorun aanu/2x….(Have mercy on me, God of mercy)…..

Aanu ni mofe latodo re o, aanu(Mercy is all i want from you, Mercy)…..

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