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Agbede Kelvin Ikponwosa (ogabrave) is a record producer, singer, songwriter and music coach. He is a gifted musician who discovered his love and passion for music at a very young age in church and started by playing one of Nigerian’s rhythmic musical instrument called “conga. His journey in music has been progressive as he now plays 3 musical instruments “Keyboard, Bass guitar and Drums and has found a way to align with “true north by tying music to his purpose as a means to an end.

Sharing the inspiration behind his debut single ”I Do Believe”. Kelvin said ”It’is no news anymore that people these days do not believe in taking time to nature their gifts and talents and stay through to its course, cos they’re distracted with the early satisfaction syndrome to wealth. So instead of staying true to a course they once believed in by folding their sleeves to work, they now engage in dubious means and finds shortcuts to wealth. This is a virus that has infected and eaten deep down into our Nigerian youths and also in this world right now.

My hope and earnest desire is to see that this mentality or wrong ideology about life changes and that’s why I release this song called “idB”. idB is an acronym for I DO BELIEVE”.

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I believe oh (×3)
I believe

I believe oh (×3)
I believe

True life story oh (×2)

I sit down for corner
begin dey solve the maths of my life
naso I start to think oh
so many plenty plenty things oh
But I do believe oh
I really believe oh
me I too believe oh
I really believe say

I nor need to cheat
or join bad gang oh
or steady dey wait for awof
or go sell pant oh

I do believe oh
I just believe say
Everything go better
Yes! In God’s time oh

I believe oh (×3)
I believe

I believe oh (×3)
I believe

The beauty of time and space
the philosophy of God and all that he creates
see we are at constant pressure to out do and out smart all that we are now
But that will only amount to nothing but a mere figure of speech if we can not combine God’s faith and his grace
and in full time birth a life called believing
Yes! Believing through faith
See every fiber of this earth was formed through this
Every molecule, atom, every strand of life that revolve in time and out of time cling it’s meaning through this remarkable phenomenon called believing
And in this realm, we make the impossibility become the very possible thing, like dead men coming alife walking
Or skills and talents bringing dreams to reality and giving the healing that this world needs, and we all need something as a mustard seed birthed within and just like Keanu reeves in the matrix did, just with the waving of the hand we will be moving mountains from side to side as every arts of doubt fall like they were nothing but a pack of cards no contingency.
See we’ll be splitting seas, giving way for God’s blessing to come to us unabatedly just the way the creator of the heavens and earth please. And please pardon me if I choose to repeat this or retweet this tweet and sound it loud from the highest pick, that there’s only one God and He is delighted when we believe.

Song Credits

Written, arranged and composed by ogabrave
Poem by Philip asaya
BGVs by #rume #sharonpova #ogabrave
Epiano by Joshua Ajayi
Music sequencing by ogabrave
Mixed by Esene thankgod #tgmix
MIX supervised by Uzo Nwanbudike #uzoaudiofix
Song cover designed by Felix Ogiewonyi #sarflexconcept
PR by Ndidi (@iamndidi) of

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