Letter to our dear families, faithful friends, fans and followers; sorry, we have failed. – Shedy Elisha.”

I write this letter with a heavy heart and it pains my heart that we have failed you our dear families, friends, fans and followers.
 Do not be carried away by our performances on stage, the tongues we speak or what you see us do on social media. We too are humans, we are not perfect. We are not superhumans, we sin too, we stumble, we fall too like you do. We are not holier than thou. Some of you live a more righteous life than we do. I’m sorry to say that we are suppose to be your mentors, good models but we are not in real sense. Infact what we do in secret is shameful that we can’t come out to you and say it. So don’t be surprised if you hear certain rubbish things about us. Don’t laugh at us if you should hear about our misbehaviours instead you pray for us. We receive more temptations and trials because we allow our flesh to lead us hence, we fall. We cover our sinful and shameful act with our appearances on stage and with our activities on social media. Some of us take advantage of young girls, married women with our “celebrity” tag. Some of us extort money unlawfully from people or we  subject our followers to some inhuman acts because we think we are “celebrities”. Despite we have failed and have not meet up to standard, please do not condemn us, pray for us. We are just imperfect humans. Sometimes we cry secretly too because of our shameful attitudes, we are trying to stop and live a better life. We envy some of you people because of your outstanding life style even though you look up to us. Don’t mind the good and expensive clothes, shoes we wear for they are all cover ups. Don’t be too carried away by our acrobatics and our sweet voices, actions on stage and activities on social media. Never let your faith in God be shaken because of us. Any time you hear unfortunate stories about us and you hear about our sinful nature just know that we are imperfect humans and please you pray for us.
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Thank you
Yours faithfully
Shedy Elisha
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