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Shedy Elisha of IAMBESTNETWORKS has written another open letter and this time around it’s to the church of God(all Christians). In the letter he said the church leaders are working in parallel lines ahead of the 2019 elections. This letter is coming after the General overseer of Deeper life visited President Buhari on 1st of October 2018 and the Living Faith pastor on the other hand was seen with Atiku at Abeokuta when the PDP flag bearer mended his ways with Obasanjo. Remember that the vice president is also a pastor with Redeem Church.
Shedy Elisha in his letter said its important that all church leaders come together to discuss who is to be the next president with the criteria of defending the church and putting the church of God first and not politics in itself. He shared the letter on his blog and on his Facebook wall. Read the letter below:
    I write to you Dear Church this day with fear because what I perceive in the political scene amongst us from a distance scares me too much that I can not bear. I just hope you read this short letter with keen attention.
 Its another time in Nigeria for us to choose who becomes our next president. It is another time for us to keep and preserve our faith as a Church in the body of Jesus Christ. Well, my eyes have seen beyond politics in this 2019. Sorry to say, but I must say this to all of us that I see heavy  division gradually knocking at us if we do not watch well. Already our spiritual leaders are divided along political lines. The forth coming election is gradually dividing the church and we must all come together to take a stand. Our fathers in the Lord who some of us look up to are working on parallel lines politically and this will tell on the church of God. Whosoever we elect in 2019 will determine how the church will be like and will be treated continually.
 It is in our very eyes that we have been visited with martyrdom over the years. Its unfortunate that those who are suppose to stand and fight for the Church are not doing so. Well, I believe that our choice in the last few years have landed us to where we are today. We are gradually loosing it and its happening under our nostrils. I want us to take this to our hearts that whatsoever decision we take, let the interest of the church comes first before any other interest. The church of God has been humiliated and it has suffered so much. Anyone who can not defend and support the church right from the level of the Local Government Chairman to the presidential level  should not be voted in. Let’s protect our Faith first, let’s protect the church first.
We should not sale out the church in the name of politics for what shall it profit us if we loose our place as a church and enrich our pockets?
I plead that let all our General Overseers, prophets, Bishops and the Christian body in her entirety seat to deliberate on who can defend the church. The church needs to be represented in all quarters of the federation.
Conclusively, let us put our house in order, let us protect our faith and let the  Church be our first priority before choosing who rules Nigeria come 2019.
Yours faithful
Shedy Elisha
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