Music + Video: Dj Burn – Pass The Keys

Dj Burn – Pass The Keys

Chart-topping Nigerian Gospel singer, Songwriter, Dj burn, releases his latest single and lyric video titled “Pass the keys.”

The song is an educational song, educating the public that driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol, will get someone killed.

Drivers should not be driving under the influence because the driver’s lives and innocent people’s lives are precious and it’s not worth losing their lives when it can be avoided.

Lyrics: Pass The Keys By Dj Burn

When you drink up,

pass your car keys,
When you Puff Puff,
Pass your car keys
No driving under influence

When you drink up,
Pass your car keys,
When you puff puff,
Pass your car keys

Verse 1:

You will save your life,
or somebody else’s wife,
driving under the influence is
stabbing yourself with a knife,

when you are under the influence,
you have no assurance,
to control accidents occurrence,

even when you have insurance,
death is still not a deterrence,
for those that think they have alcohol tolerance,
when under the influence,

Verse 2:
My bestie in the Tesla,
self autopilot won’t help ya,

Leave your car and call a Uber,
don’t be under the influence sir like a YouTuber,
I won’t do it at all,
it’s not a good call,

it’s bad for my physical and spiritual health,
it’s a distraction from acquiring wealth,
just don’t do it,
DUI on record is not a good fit,

wine is a mocker,
strong drink is a brawler,
and if you are led astray by it you are not wise,
that’s proverbs 20 verse 1 advice.

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