New Music Release: I Will Praise God By Sis. Bukky Kuye

I Will Praise God By Sis. Bukky Kuye

Praising God is our entire essence. We do not need a reason to praise Him. We just praise Him for who He is and for who He has made us. Kogi based Gospel music minister, Sis. Bukky Kuye embodies this message in her latest single titled “I Will Praise You”. Enjoy and share.

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I will praise you

all the days of my life

I will praise you 2x.

I will praise you lord,

mose yin loba,

I will praise you lord,

ma gbe baba gaa,

Chr. 1.

Egbe baba ga ooo,

mose Kabiesi reee,

ese olori aye,


oba awon oba,

olorun awon olorun ,


aja majebi

chr. 2.

Sope mose Ori ire o,

sope Ayo mi ti de oo,

moti gba letter ayo,

makole mole,

marale mole,

agon atowo ala bosun,

maromo gbe Jo


About Artiste:

Sis. Bukky Kuye is a gifted songwriter and singer, whose passion for music began at the tender age of six. Born into a clergy home, she was surrounded by spiritual influence and musical inspiration from a young age. Despite her successful career as a mining engineer, Sis. Bukky chose to heed the call of God and minister to people through her songs.

Her music is deeply inspired by the Holy Spirit, and she is committed to using her talents to spread the love and message of God. Known for her heartfelt lyrics and soulful melodies, Sis. Bukky’s dedication to her faith and music has touched many lives.

A native of Kogi State, Nigeria, Sis. Bukky balances her professional life with her responsibilities as a wife and mother. Her journey reflects a profound love for God and a passion for sharing that love through the powerful medium of music.



  • Facebook/YouTube: @sisbukkykuye

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