New Music Release: Imiefan By Minister Magdalene Ogiorio

Imiefan By Minister Magdalene Ogiorio

Nigerian gospel artiste, Magdalene Ogiorio, has released a new single titled Imiefan, which translates to Salvation in English. The song, which is already making waves in Christian circles, is available for free downloads.

Magdalene Ogiorio is a passionate minister who has dedicated her life to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ through music. Her mission is to use her God-given talent to inspire and uplift people, and to bring them closer to the Lord.

Imiefan is a powerful song that speaks about the salvation that comes through Jesus Christ. The lyrics are simple yet profound, and reflect the artiste’s deep love and reverence for God. The music is upbeat and energetic, with a catchy beat that is sure to get you moving.

One of the highlights of the song is the beautiful chorus, which says “Imiefan, Imiefan, I receive salvation through your name”. These words are a reminder of the hope and redemption that we can find in Jesus Christ, and the power of His name to save and transform our lives.

Magdalene Ogiorio’s Imiefan is a timely reminder of the importance of salvation in our lives. It is a call to all believers to stay committed to the Lord, and to share the message of salvation with others. The song is a beautiful expression of faith, hope, and love, and an inspiration to all who listen to it.

The availability of the song for free downloads is a testament to the artiste’s commitment to spreading the gospel and making it accessible to all. This is especially important in these times when many people are facing uncertainty, fear, and hopelessness. Imiefan is a ray of hope and a message of salvation that will surely lift the spirits of all who hear it.

In conclusion, Magdalene Ogiorio’s Imiefan is a beautiful and inspiring song that is sure to resonate with Christians everywhere. We encourage you to download the song, listen to it, and share it with others. Let us continue to spread the message of salvation and the love of Jesus Christ to all who need it.

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