New Music Release: Thy Kingdom Come By Lawrence Oyor Ft. Prophet Joel Ogebe

Thy Kingdom Come By Lawrence Oyor Featuring Prophet Joel Ogebe

The collaboration that has recently caught the attention of gospel music lovers worldwide is between Lawrence Oyor and Prophet Joel Ogebe to drop their recent musical project tagged, “Thy Kingdom Come”.

Lawrence Oyor, a Nigerian gospel singer, and songwriter, is known for his passionate and soul-stirring songs. On the other hand, Prophet Joel Ogebe, also from Nigeria, is not just a gospel artist but a prophet. His music is filled with prophetic declarations and prayers, making his songs more than just music, but a spiritual experience.

Since its release, it has been well-received by listeners worldwide. Many have shared how the song has inspired them to pray more fervently and to seek God’s kingdom more earnestly. Indeed, “Thy Kingdom Come” is more than just a song; it is a movement, a call to action for all believers.


Watch the video below:

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