NEWS: HOW TO DIE BEFORE YOUR TIME (Letter To Music Ministers)

So God told you to host a concert/meeting, right ?

Let me not begin by sounding so unspiritual, but are you sure it was really God. Well, let’s just say it was God and that is why you have come up with the whole,

“If he gave the vision he will foot the bills” thingy

Now you want to invite one top guest music minister and a host of others who are billing you crazy amounts, because God will foot the bills, right ? I mean he gave the vision.

Before you start saying God asked you to invite So and So , calm down.

Now listen to me if you don’t want to die before your time, because I see you borrowing to host concert and worship meetings, sir if you don’t have money don’t borrow to do it! That is not how God foots bills, DON’T BORROW and then be in debt after your meetings.

People are calling you up and down now and your phone has been switched off, brotherly if you are already at this point please pick the call and beg for an extension to pay up and I hope you learnt your lessons.

Listen, stay within your means. STAY WITHIN YOUR MEANS!

Big concerts and meetings are lovely, but if you can’t have it now then do what you can now and keep believing that some day you would do more, after all THE JUST SHALL LIVE BY FAITH, not faith to borrow and expect God to pay but faith sensible enough to know that some day you will be so blessed to do all your mind envisions.

Lest I forget, big meetings don’t always amount to powerful meetings. I have been privileged to minister in the smallest of places in bushes with folks clapping hands and we still had church.

My friends, if you don’t have money to rent sound and the rest and you know personally That you can’t do without it, no problems may be you should start saving up and planning better, DON’T EVER BORROW! But If you can, go manage the small sound available particularly since it’s not LIVE RECORDING, then by all means possible HAVE CHURCH and enjoy the beauty of fellowship. Need I also say that good sound and all it’s accompaniment will never make worship effective, it can only make music sweet.

That reminds me, I see some of us who have small cash at our disposal and instead of managing it we are sewing exotic styles and uniform for our back up singers and ourselves just for a one day meeting, and then eventually you are still in debt and telling the younger ministers you invited ,

 “You know we spent a lot, and we are broke God bless you for coming”

Sorry sir, spent a lot on what?

Were you planning a fashion show ? I mean this isn’t a live recording concert, it’s a simple worship meeting, and please don’t for a second think that I am against good looks , a million times no! I am only asking you keep it moderate and still stay afloat, but before you start asking me,

“Is it your fashion ?”

Let me move on to something else, but sha remember we all have Jean, Polo, Shirts and a couple of other wears we could pool together and still have beautiful combinations without having to go through the heartache and still be broke afterwards and settling debts here and there.
Worthy of note, Don’t have a colourful meeting with no tangible God experience, place your priority right.

Now, about inviting one popular high profile person or two. Sir, there is no rule that says you must have a popular face in that meeting, keep all the ‘God asked me to bring him’ talk to yourself now…

Listen, if you have the money, and you can comfortably do so without being stuck, beautiful go ahead. But you know your pocket if you can’t carry it don’t use God said to push yourself into hard labour, STAY WITHIN YOUR MEANS.

Now let me say this, the sole purpose of worship meetings is to draw from the benefits of Cooperate worship and enjoying time with the father, it’s not about a popular face. Most of us always forget we have friends at our level who are so anointed and can lead worship but because they are not “popular” we ignore them, amazingly these friends will honour our invites at no cost, yet we despise them. Oh, sorry I forgot, God didn’t ask you to invite them.

Just for the records the few meetings I have hosted in my life have been graced by my friends  in university days, no big names. The very first time I pushed for a big name it just didn’t work…may be because I didn’t have enough faith

Permit me to digress and even talk to fellowship people , PRESIDO sir, is not every time you keeping inviting celebrity, please trust the ministry gifts in your fellowships and churches, host events and make them the guest ministers heaven will not close down, rather you would have successfully pushed up another fellow into full believe in his or her potential and as often as you do so they grow, become better and many out there will begin to call on them.

Back to you my friends, forget the craze and competition going on where everyone is beginning to count,

“I was the first to bring So and So”

Rubbish! Who cares? Did you bring God? Did salvation come to the lost ? Did signs and wonders follow ? Was Jesus exalted or we just had FUN in the name of Jesus ?
My friends, leave the craze out there , DO WHAT STANDS THE TEST OF TIME.

Yes! I remember, please no rule says your program must be held every year. It is not the S.I Unit for measuring success in ministry. If you can’t hold it this year for serious financial constraint, GO AND REST! Tell the people you can exactly how things are with no sugar coatings and stay open for supernatural financial provisions, God will provide, however if nothing shows. Hear me, REST and start planning for the next one. SEASON 2 must not sequentially follow SEASON 1, even Game of Thrones didn’t come out this year again as we thought, but whenever it finally comes we are sure it will be big and better.

Hey, I call you blessed
You shall not die before your time
I hope this meets you well.


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