Musicianship: A MasterClass With Mike Abdul, Featuring DJ Gosporella “Dean, Faculty of Gospel Music”

A MasterClass With Mike Abdul Featuring DJ Gosporella “Dean, Faculty of Gospel Music”

Record Labels don’t sign Artists with great music potential, they sign Artists with great followership potential.

A Record Label is a business and they want Return-On-Investment.

You must have a fan base and be deliberate about your target audience. Deliberate targeting informs your brand building and helps you to be consistent; your songwriting and singing evolves because you have the safety of a base.

Your fan base is your clan, your family. They become loyal followers because you deliberately relate with them consistently with your music.

Brand is not music style or genre, brand is your essence, what you leave your listeners with or their perception of you when you’re mentioned.

Don’t drop a song and stop talking about it after one week of release, that way you’re not believable. Your followers want to trust you.

4 things people look out for:


You have GREAT MUSIC .

You have a GREAT CAUSE.


There’s no quick fix, it takes a period of time if you’ll be around for a while.

3 key words for yOu from your potential followers:




Yours sincerely,


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