New Music Release: Let Them See EP By Hayley Adesina

Let Them See EP By Hayley Adesina

The EP, “Let Them See,” is sent to make a significant global impact. It commences with “I Bow Down And Worship,” a modern worship track that encourages believers to honour and praise God amidst life’s challenges. This moving song underscores the importance of acknowledging and revering God for His divine essence.

Following this, “God Is Love” serves as a touching reminder of God’s infinite love and forgiveness, emphasizing His sacrificial love through the redemption granted by His son. “You’ve Brought Me This Far” is a profoundly personal piece expressing gratitude to God for His guidance and support through life’s trials, aiming to inspire perseverance and faith in the listener.

The title track, “Let Them See,” conveys a strong message of evangelism, urging individuals to reconnect with their spiritual foundations and proclaim God’s presence and authority to the world. Wrapping up the EP, “Let There Be Light” draws inspiration from the Genesis creation story, symbolizing light’s transformative power over darkness as a metaphor for bringing hope and illumination to a troubled world.

This enriching EP is available now to listeners on various music platforms and stores, offering a captivating musical and spiritual journey with its uplifting melodies and messages.

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