New Music Release: Join Me Sing Hallelujah By Dr. Paul Oluikpe

Join Me Sing Hallelujah By Dr. Paul Oluikpe

Dr. Paul Oluikpe has made a remarkable return with his latest uplifting song, “Join Me Sing Hallelujah.” This new release continues Dr. Paul’s tradition of delivering inspiring music that deeply resonates with his audience.

The song celebrates God’s preservation and benevolence towards all creation. It emphasizes that despite God’s abundant mercies and provisions, only those with truly grateful hearts will seek His presence to offer their thanks.

Drawing on the biblical story of the ten lepers, Dr. Paul highlights how uncommon genuine gratitude often is. In light of this, he extends an invitation to believers and all creations alike to unite in a collective expression of worship and adoration for God.

While beauty fades, riches diminish, and wealth withers like grass in the field, one enduring truth remains: the act of singing praises to God stands eternal. The faithful will perpetually sing before God’s presence long after every other spiritual practice has ceased.

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